Reason why I’m studying English

I’ve been studying English at an English school in Tokyo since September 2006. A reason why I started to study English is following.

I like Brandon Ross(guitarist) very much. At the end of August in 2006 he came to Japan to do several concerts because he and Japanese guitarist made a tribute CD to Toru Takemitsu(Japanese composer). At that time I lost my job. I knew there was a free concert at a concourse for the CD in the afternoon on a weekday. I went there. After the concert, copies of the CD were sold ahead of the on-sale date. I thought how lucky I was. Then, I went to a selling corner. And I found that Brandon Ross sat at the corner to sign an autograph. I got nervous suddenly. I wanted to talk to him. But I couldn’t. I could only say “Thank you”. On the way to home, I was totally disappointed by myself.

Several days later, I went to his concert at a small Jazz club. his group’s member was only two people. Brandon and Japanese bassist(Stomu Takeishi). There were some friends of Stomu. After the concert, Stomu came to next to my seat and talked with his friends. I drank wine basking in the afterglow of the concert with my husband. After a little while we stood up and went to the entrance. Brandon was there. He talked with Stomu’s friends. I was moved by the concert very much. I wanted to tell my impression of the concert. But I didn’t have a confidence to talk to him.

Yes. I’m studying English to communicate with Brandon Ross perfectly. For only one person. Unfortunately he hasn’t come to Japan since 2006. I wonder I should go to NYC to see him!!?? Am I crazy?